Anchorage Good News

Joys shouts and music filled the air in the Wilda Marston Theatre, as the Pacific Island Community rejoiced the appointment of Junior Uluao Aumavae to Anchorage Chief Equity Officer. Friday Nov. 19th, the theatre on the ground floor of the Loussac Library, was ground zero for a party involving several of the different ethnic communities. Food followed an almost 2 hour presentation of speeches and dancing to recognize the good work done by Junior, and the importance of the good work to be done by the Samoan community, and working with all communities in Alaska. Junior was raised in Alaska, and although he had a troubled beginning, went on to play in the NFL, most notably, for the Dallas Cowboys in 2010, and the New York Jets in 2013. Before being selected as Chief Equity Officer for Anchorage by Mayor Dave Bronson, who attended and spoke at the celebration, Junior was working for the Anchorage District Office of the DEA. Junior attributes the positive turn of events in his life to God, family, and a mentor who cared. The Chief Equity Officer’s job is to ensure that employment in the municipal government is fair and equal in its practices, allowing opportunities to anyone and discourage discrimination.