Anchorage Good News

Three first First Friday events to showcase local Alaskan artists were at Zip Kombucha, Caffe D’arte King Street, and Sip Coffee. At these establishments one can enjoy freshly prepared coffee, fermented kombucha beverages, other locally made foods, and look at beautiful Alaskan art. One artist, Amanda Faith, uses canvas to paint what she appreciates about Alaska, occasionally including parts of trees in her display. Youthful Mallory Raymore, expresses her love of ravens and clouds in her colorful paintings. And, photographer Anthony Burden shows viewers the remote beauty of Alaska, sometimes through the eye of a drone.

Each artists displays of their art can be seen for the next month. If a particular piece catches your heart, they are available for sale. Each artist also has an online outlet to purchase their art.

Amanda’s interview is posted here. There is an interview with Mallory and one with Anthony

If you are an artist, or know an artist, who would like to do a First Friday at Zip Kombuch, contact Jackie at [email protected]