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“I’ve had people come up and randomly ask me for good advice, ever since I started my channel.” Lady Snow Mustang, is developing one of Anchorage’s new and upcoming businesses, Lady Snow Meditation. Lady Snow, Frank(my camera operator) and I are talking over delicious food at Dave & Busters in the Dimond Center. “It’s a happy place. How can anyone not be happy here?” She takes another bite from the cheese burger.

I met Lady Snow back in November. She had heard I liked to tell good stories, she says, she is all about good. Our first meeting was also at D&Bs, it’s her favorite place. We talked about the fun stuff to do here, she showed me a stack of winner’s tokens from her favorite game.

Today, she’s wearing a pretty green dress made with flowing fabric. When Frank and I arrived, she was just finishing up a random “photo shoot”. Someone in the game area loved the way she looked, and they started taking photos of her posing in front of the games.

She got into meditation through a past boyfriend. It had such a positive impact on her life, she learned how to teach the qigong form of meditation from a local instructor. Lady Snow has a vibrant personality that comes across as fun-loving. I can see why people people will randomly talk to her about their problems. Something she is not exactly prepared for, but, as she says, she likes to help people. She’s been on YouTube, as Lady Snow Meditation, since April of last year. She can also be found on Facebook and Instagram. Creating her own content and posting it every Wednesday morning at 8am.

Lady Snow Meditation on Facebook

Lady Snow Inspirational Speaker on Instagram

Lady Snow Meditation on Instagram

The posts are not meditation movements, they are conversations about relationships and good mental health, which are important elements of meditation discipline. Self-improvement, self-empowerment, and domestic violence education are her focus right now. To help promote her business in December, Lady Snow has designed T-shirts using the 7 healing colors, plus yin and yang. that are available to order. “I believe in what I’m doing,” And, part of what she does, is attend Charter College, and likes it there very much. She raves about knowledge and encouragement there. In July, she’ll accomplish a certification in Business, and is thinking about continuing on for an Associates Degree. If you’d like to see more about Lady Snow, she’s got fan pages. The pictures from her “photo shoot” are posted there. Lady Snow Meditation Fan Page

Lady Snow also has a page Share The Wealth