Anchorage Good News

Anchorage Baptist Temple was the venue again for a second legislative listening session with several of the legislators from Juneau. Senator Lara Reinbold, Representative Christopher Kurka, Representative David Eastman were present in the room, while Representatives Ronald Gillham and George Rauscher attended electronically, hosted the event for the purpose of listening to and sharing researched information with Alaska Alaska residents about their concerns and problems related to COVID-19 intrusions. There are those who do not want to live life in fear, or be afraid of their neighbors in community. People talked about their children experiencing health problems due to being forced to wear a mask. Others, were concerned about the hospitals controlling people’s lives that resulted in traumatic experience, and threats to employment due to a “vaccine mandate”. The biggest concern is that the US Constitution and rights recognized in a free country are under attack. The positive take away from this session, and the previous, is the power of concerned individuals, to stand up to an attack, is being realized. Making voices heard in Juneau, for keeping freedom, has been successful. What is crucial for keeping Anchorage and America free for the people… research and read, think, act wisely and courageously, and share love with others.

To see what Rep. Kurka said at the end of the meeting see Facebook feed on this site.