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About Us

Anchorage Good News is news reporting for the Anchorage area, only good news. It is compiled and broadcasted by Julia Tenison, a local resident and journalist. Her interest in this reporting for this website is as follows. News networks should be “the 4th estate”, equipping the people to be responsible and free. Knowledge of what is true in politics is important for the free to be the leaders, holding their public servants in its proper place. But since the 1980s, news has changed.

Distracting with gossipy editorialization, calling itself  “entertainment”. Having a net affect of manipulating audiences to become a nation of slaves instead of informed leaders. News uses fear, hatred, and focuses on warring.

Anchorage has had a lot of things happen that are very serious and have had negative impacts on the city, but that’s not the only thing that’s happening here. There are so many good things going on ina free society. The more majority of people living in Anchorage are mostly kind, respectful, goal-oriented for positive actions, and full of high character habits. The mind of the residents beg to be stimulated with positive and being filled with love, friendship, togetherness with actions of  accomplishment and good purpose. We shouldn’t have to find that on separate paths, engaging with positive self-help programs

Anchorage Good News is not a politically centered watchdog. Anchorage Good News asks people to engage with news that inspires the mind to self-improvement as citizens in the community, while showing the positive actions of the community, as it thrives in a changing world. Love is manifested in creativity, helpful relationships and information of truth that stimulates the mind and inspires the spirit.